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Wow, it’s getting long.

Posted by pittsburghcurly on July 25, 2009

You think I would know this. But, it just kind of caught me by surprise. I never really pay attention to the back of my head. I arrange the curls after I get out of the shower, and that is about it. I’m a lazy styler if I’m leaving my hair down. Since I don’t see the back of my head, I guess I just don’t bother to look at it much.

Last week, I noticed that my hair was getting in my way when it normally didn’t. Then I actually paid attention and noticed that it gained some length that I didn’t really notice. I also had better curl formation than I previously had the last time I was this length, so something is working!

I also suck at back-of-the head photo shots, but I did manage do snap one half-decent one.

So, here is my current length in the back.



3 Responses to “Wow, it’s getting long.”

  1. wild~hair said

    Mine too is getting in the way where it normally wouldn’t. It’s just past BSL now. I’m going to let it keep growing, but I could use a trim to even things up a bit.

    It seems just a few weeks ago that I was lamenting how it wouldn’t grow. I think hair grows faster in the summer, and even if someone provided scientific proof it didn’t, I’m not sure I’d believe it!

  2. Kcurly said

    It looks lovely!

  3. Jorgelina said

    Nice! Your hair is super long! 😀 Been growing mine of late, not on purpose, though, just never trimmed it again. I do find that I’m losing the curl faster…I guess it’s time for a trim. 😦

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