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Ow, My Eye!!!

Posted by pittsburghcurly on May 25, 2009




After a lengthy absence, I am back.

I am dealing with a stubborn case of iritis (which even was made more interesting my getting synechiae where my pupil was shaped like a four leaf clover and a figure eight at one point) right now. It’s seems that I have a quirky sixth chromosome. For about 6 weeks, my vision was totally blurred, and the light hurt like hell. Now I am recovering. While the right side of my visual field is still a fog, partly from the inflammation and partly from near constant use of dilating drops, I find that I am getting used to functioning with just my left eye, although my close up depth perception is still off. So, after some missed worked, lots of time hiding in dark room, and lots of time not anywhere near a computer, I am glad to be back and able to post again.

I have a few topics that I would love to cover, and I hope to get back to semi-regular posting soon.

On the upside, I find that having curls did help. I couldn’t imagine trying to mess with flat irons and blow dryers during all this. Having wash and go hair really came in handy!


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