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Dew points, in pictures.

Posted by pittsburghcurly on January 23, 2009

Yesterday, I wrote about how dew points can affect your curls, and what ingredients work best in high and low dew point conditions.

As a further bit of information, I thought that photos would be handy.

Notice the difference between the first pic from July and the second pic from January. The dew points in July were in the 60s. The dew points for January have ranged from below zero into the teens – very dry. That change in curl is what a change in dew point can do to curl pattern. It’s not a bad thing; it’s just climate in action! In the summer I get shorter, curlier hair, and in the winter, I a get a looser curl pattern that looks longer.

And yes, that is a a duckie shower curtain. I like duckies.



January 09

January 09


6 Responses to “Dew points, in pictures.”

  1. Wow, RCC your hair sure likes July. Those summer curls look great and I like the cut.

  2. Marjorie said

    This gives me hope that my hair will look better in the upcoming months.

  3. pittsburghcurly said

    Yeah, dry cold winters can really drag a curl down. I really just wanted to show that it is pretty normal and nothing to worry about too much. Just keep on conditioning.

  4. Samantha said

    Wow. Huge service to those of us who didn’t understand the effect of the dewpoint. Both styles look great, but I can now see the problem with expecting July hair in January – it’s probably not gonna happen!

  5. […] post, I described how low winter dew points  can affect curl pattern. I then followed it up with pictures to show what I […]

  6. Michele said

    Boy, your Jan. hair, is my hair.I live next /within1/2 mile of the ocean,but its San Diego, which is, in essence a desert.Just started my CG journey last couple mo’.s Gives me ho, I will reach your July curls.Guess Ive caught that curl obcession going around(my husband is so amused)

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