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Sometimes we’re all role models

Posted by pittsburghcurly on January 20, 2009

I have a part time job that involves quite a bit of chatting with the public. You get to know some of your customers a bit, and it can be fun to chat and discuss things. I seem to have a good fan club in the 12 and under age range. Hey, I’m chatty and giving away free food and juice. Kids like that. There are some curly kids in the mix, and some of them wil mention that “My hair is like yours.” I had found it cute, but I hadn’t really put any deep thought into it.

On Christmas week, I had my hair blown out straight. I like to do it a few times a year in the winter. I like the change, and it’s interesting to see how long my hair actually is when not caught up in the shrinkage that is curly hair.

I’m at work, doing my thing, and I hear a loud cry of, “Oh Nooooooooooooooooo! Where’s your Cuuurrrrlllllsss?!”

I turn and see a young curly who is a customer at work.  She looks aghast at me; chin dropped, mouth agape. She is a precocious tween, and one who loves her delightful head of curls. We’ve chatted about curly hair before, and I enjoy her curl positive attitude.

I found it odd to be in a position where I had to explain to her that, no, I didn’t have a relaxer and that my curls would be back in a few days when I got my hair wet again.

I saw her again today, her curly head happily bouncing in to see what we had going on. She was happy to see my hair in its natural, curly, state and told me so. She said that she would have been sad if I made in permanently straight.

It was a strange moment. I really hadn’t thought that young curlies might like to see curly adults, but why not? We all want to see a part of ourselves somewhere, don’t we? So, today, I was proud to let my curls loose for all of the young curlies out there who need to see more adults wearing their curls out.


7 Responses to “Sometimes we’re all role models”

  1. Jill said

    I like this story. Mostly because it’s the complete opposite of what I felt as a girl her age! I admired this one camp counselor — she had straight, thick, blond hair and I thought she was just drop-dead beautiful. It never occurred to me to admire a curly-haired person. I can’t even remember being exposed to one, actually. But maybe if I had at that age, I would have liked my curls a lot sooner.

    Years from now, that girl will recall the curly-haired redhead that she admired. And she will probably spend years hoping to be like you when she grows up. So sweet!

  2. Marjorie said

    I’m glad the young girl said something. It was a very nice compliment to you.

  3. pittsburghcurly said

    Honestly, I’m glad that she didn’t say, “Wow, you should keep it straight!” It’s nice to see a young curly accept what’s on her head and to appreciate it on others. I never had that moxie at her age!

  4. Strawberry said

    This made me smile. My first daughter insists that her (ringlet-curly) hair is straight (!) and I’m sure it’s just denial because the rest of us all have straight hair and she doesn’t want to be different. So, please, next time you see us, please do what you can to help us build up her curly pride! 🙂 You are a role model!

  5. pittsburghcurly said

    Lol! Thank you! I also used to insist that I had straight hair, interestingly enough. Also, an interesting point. Locally, one of the few times I *do* see curly people is the customers at work. I guess you just have to be interesting to shop there.

  6. […] my own blog, I posted an experience  I had with one young curly girls reaction to my having a blow out, showing that curly kids do […]

  7. Elizabeth said

    Hi, I’m a 14-year old girl who’s planning to go CG as soon as possible!
    I’m so glad I found Naturally Curly and all these wavy/curly girls this early on — such an inspiration!

    Thank you!

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